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Smelly Hanger - Nuts About Fall

Smelly Hanger - Nuts About Fall

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Smelly Hanger

A full sac of aroma beads infused with custom 48Mandle fragrances.

Freshen up your car or home, Gym bag or locker. Hell, let your friends whiff your Smelly Hanger and freshen up a smile. 

Its the Everlasting Gobstopper of air fresheners. 

A year later they are still wafting...

what's it smell like?   Nuts About Fall 

The feeling you get post monsoon season. When you know the roasting of your chestnuts will soon only come from on an open fire rather than the sweltering son. 

Its the fall scent that just says, "Fall". Buttery roasted pumpkin and chest nuts on a brisk night. 

-Stay Smelly

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