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Smelly Hanger - Basic B@tch

Smelly Hanger - Basic B@tch

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Smelly Hanger

A full sac of aroma beads infused with custom 48Mandle fragrances.

Freshen up your car or home, Gym bag or locker. Hell, let your friends whiff your Smelly Hanger and freshen up a smile. 

Its the Everlasting Gobstopper of air fresheners. 

A year later they are still wafting...

what's it smell like?   Basic B@tch

This is a batch for the fall festivities. It embodies the scents of toasted pumpkin spices. It was an attempt to bring out the basic aromas of winter with a twist of warm notes welcoming the masculine nose. Hey, call me basic, but light this b@tch up and you'll understand. 

 -Stay Smelly

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